Thursday, July 23, 2009

That summer slowdown

The schools have broken up and the tubes are less crowded. There's been the odd delay and signal failure (but the most recent, earlier this week, affected me not a jot thanks to my quick reflexes in going for a train signalled as leaving in 10 minutes but which snuck out of Baker Street the moment I got on). In general the trains have been running well. The weather is pleasant, cloudier and wetter than one might like but preferable to the heatwaves we have been threatened with.

So not a lot to report really. I keep my eyes open for irritating and/or unintendedly stupid adverts and my ears open for amusing announcements but these have got scarce.

Stick with it folks. Who knows what may be around the corner?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hurry while seats last

This ad is currently running on the tube, for Cathay Pacific airlines. I love it. Here is some bloke, obviously an actor, trying to look as though first class service comes naturally. But the cruncher is this - there is nobody else in the cabin. Which prompts two obvious questions:
1: Where are the rest of the first class cabin crew? Playing cards with the captain or having a quiet snack in the galley or what?
2: If this airline can only manage to attract one paying customer at a time to its first class service then it will not be in business much longer. Book now. The next flight may well be the last.